Places to donate

  Software, Technology, and Cybersecurity

 Computer History Museum

A museum dedicated to Computer History

 Internet Archive

The largest digital library

 Free Software Foundation

The leading non-profit organization within the Free Software Movement

 Legal Defense Fund For Edward Snowden

The legal defense fund for worldwide renowned whistleblower Edward Snowden. You can learn more about his revelations here.

 Courage Foundation

Charity organization for the legal defense funds of those such as whistleblowers & journalists who are subjected to persecution by government agencies

International nonprofit publishing leaked documents from all over the world


 Lidia's Safety Fund

Lidia is an Asian trans women fleeing an abusive and transphobic household

  COVID-19 Global Indigenous Nation and Family Fund

Donate to Indigenous Nations during COVID19

 Palestine Childrens Relief Fund

 Kurdish Nonprofits

 Bail Funds By State

 Haitian Bail Fund

 WATO Mutual Aid-Help Replace Blown Out Speaker


 Syrian American Medical Society

 Lebansese Food Bank