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hemingway editor

a useful editor i found a few years ago that tells you the grade readability of your writing, and what phrases are too complicated

a collection of urls, search any topic and try finding something useful or interesting!

lissa explains

a old and easy to understand website for learning htmtl and css

heavens gate

the cult that committed mass suicide still has its site up - a very interesting site....


"just another useless website"

cat therapy

new kitty pix every 4 seconds!

how to become a hacker

tells you about the attitude and mindset to deveop to become a hacker, however doesnt tell you about cracking things.


site about psychoactives and psychonautic use

camerons world

collection of gifs and images from geocities

js paint

javascript powered replica of classic ms paint

vintage ad browser

collection of vintage ads through categories


site for learning ancient languages, including hebrew, arabic, and old english


site for learning about yokai!!

petra cortrights site

super duper awesome ballsum website

(unfinished) resources for true crime

little something i made as a avid true crime fan.. i dont know what other sites to put, so contact me and give me suggestions!